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"We had our twins 3rd birthday party at Troy Gymnastics. I was initially concerned because of the back-back birthday parties and parents night out in the gym that we rented. We expressed our concerns and were pleasantly surprised. The owner came to greet our guests and make sure that everything ran smoothly. They switched parents night out to the other gym. The coaches and Heather worked hard to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Our kids had a blast, and we were very thrilled. It turned out to a memorable event for us."

- Cynthia V

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From a Mom of two, a 5-Star Review!


"We went to Troy Gymnastics for open gym for the first time.  I have a 15 month old and a 4 year old and they had a blast.  There were coaches everywhere, helping when needed.  The preschool gym was small and crowded but the large gym was very open and had lots of space for my little ones to run and play.  Our first open gym was free so next time we'll have to pay the registration fee and open gym which I'm not looking forward to, but we will be back.  I even booked my daughters birthday party there!!"

"My kids love Troy Gymnastics. My wife and I like it too.

It's one of the few healthy, safe places we could take all three of our kids at one time. They have been going there since they were in Parent-Tot classes (18 months old) and now my oldest is 5 1/2. The coaches are friendly and great, the place is neat, clean, and tidy and it is safe.  In all the years I have been going there I have never seen a serious accident. I also like that they don't gouge you with the vending machine and that sort of thing.  We like to reward our kids with a popsicle or silly bands after class and it is nice to know that 50 cents still buys something.

...look at all of the equipment ... look at how small the class sizes are (6-8 kids, sometimes with 2 coaches).


Finally, I would like to complement coach Rosie. My kids love her to death and even though they aren't in her
class any longer, she still finds time to say hello to them
in the hallway.

- "Nanny McPhee"

Hi there Toby... Just wanted to tell you what a great party we had for our son Spencer this past weekend. Your staff was amazing with the kids...the party was a no brainer...I didn't have to do a thing but socialize and have fun with my kids. I'm looking forward to many more trips to troy gym (and perhaps calling your daughters soon to babysit)...

thanks again


-Emily Levin

"I love this place. The class size and instructors are great. The open gym is fun. The place seems clean and safe. The prices are very reasonable."


- April M.

Yelp Review

 "I can only rate for open was awesome! They have an excellent facility that's clean, wide open, and very toddler/kid friendly. My son loved it! The building where they have open gym is big but not too big where you're constantly trying to run after your kid to see where they went. The staff was young, friendly, and energetic and appeared to genuinely like the kids! Great place and I'd definitely recommend to anyone with little ones at home that need to burn off energy!"


- D Bennett

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"Troy Gymnastics is the best gym ever!

I don't just like Troy Gymnastics because of the awesome coaches, how clean the gym is, the best birthday party your kid will ever have, the other programs that they have aside from gymnastics, the price, viewing areas, FREE WIFI!, etc.  I love to see my child have the best time of their life.  I recommend you try this gym out!"

" Toby, Caroline had SUCH an amazingly fun time on Saturday night -- thank you
for inviting her.

She actually said, "Thanks for taking me, mom, I had so much fun." To get a comment like that out of my
stereotypical thirteenish daughter takes
no less than a miracle."

- Ann M.

After being a part of a few different gymnastics training centers, we have found Troy Gymnastics to be superior. We've seen personal growth in both of our sons through skills and ability, as well as confidence. This is a direct result of the facility, the atmosphere and the coaching staff at Troy Gymnastics. Our boys have a renewed sense of love and enthusiasm for gymnastics because of our experience at TG. We highly recommend TG to anyone considering a gymnastics training center for their child, as well as preparing their child for competitive USA gymnastics. The coaching staff is 100% dedicated to our boys and make us feel at home. There is no better place than Troy Gymnastics!


-Susan Mohr, Parent

I have been bringing my son to TG for over a year now. He was very shy at first. He cried a lot for several weeks of class. The staff was magnificent! Not only were they kind, understanding of his fears and gentle with him but they took time to reassure me. I see the same behavior exhibited towards other children (and their parents) who have difficulty transitioning into an individual (not "mommy-and-me") class. The staff are patient and show compassion; both of which are things this world could use more of.


I have a special place in my heart for Coach Leah, as she is the primary coach who helped my son to overcome his fear of leaving my side. From the moment we met, she has been amazing. On multiple occasions she took time to contact me via phone as well as after class in person so we could discuss the best approach to Ben's sometimes difficult behavior. My husband and I appreciate how all of the coaches, (Pat, Bridgette, Michelle and Leah) have taken care of my son and turned his fear into excitement. We choose to stay at TG not because it is the closest gymnastics center to our home, nor the least expensive gym but rather because of the bond that we have formed with the staff.

My daughter had her first day of gymnastics today. It was the 5-year-old girls class. I wanted to express how wonderful I thought her teachers were. They were so attentive, kind, and patient and gave excellent instruction. My daughter is quite shy and also has a history of some physical limitations which she has largely overcome.  I knew that she would struggle in the class physically but thought gymnastics would be great for her physical development and exercise. I didn't expect there to be three teachers and really didn't expect for them to be so helpful and encouraging with her. I saw her do her first somersault today! It was so cool. She was beaming.

Please find out the names of these three teachers and pass on my highest compliments to them and their supervisors. They are simply wonderful at their job and made my daughter feel great, proud and confident.

Great newsletter, Toby! I am a parent of a child with special needs. I was so impressed by reading how much you enjoyed working with the kids with special needs at TG! It is not often that my family encounters businesses, schools, churches, etc. who openly express their desire to accept and willingness to work with children with special needs. I applaud you for sharing your positive experience for all to read. I now know that ALL kids are special at TG. I was leaning towards enrolling both of my children at another gym closer to home, but because of this, I will reconsider TG!

I just wanted you to know that your vision  is what we stand for at home. We feel Maja feels extremely good at gymnastics and she can be who she is, a healthy, happy and organized girl. You guys are working the way she absolutely enjoys. Rules, structure, routine and happiness.  Thank you and we are looking forward to an exciting year. You guys do an amazing job!!


- An C.

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